Online Tutorial Class For Unilag Postgraduate Qualifying Examination – Sure Success Guaranteed

Online Tutorial Class For Unilag Postgraduate Qualifying Examination – Sure Success Guaranteed


Covid  or no Covid we shall be starting our sure success online tutorial class by June 15. This is our fifth years of running online class so you can see that  it has been our annual practice and not a mere knee jerk response to Covid 19 far from it!. We started the online class to meet the yearning of virtually all (busy) postgraduates students to enable them learn at ease real time from anywhere and it has always filled that gap year in year out. Over the years hundreds of postgraduate students have passed through our tutelage infact two years ago the best postgraduate entrance result came from us (91%) and two years ago half of fresh LLM class were from our sure success classes, its that effective!.  Check below this page for some of our 2019 PG Entrance Testimonies (Our Scorecards).


How Does It Work?                                                   

Very simple, we would add you to the learning group on Whatsapp or Telegram once you subscribe. Depending on your prospective programme each group has a Unilag Scholar to tutor as in the timetable as well as A group Administrator to steer the sheep. The e-tutorial timetable would be made available to you as well as in the group description exception there is adjustment. Please note that this is not just another uncontrolled Whatsapp Group where anything goes it is strictly for learning and no spamming of any sort or abuse under any guise. In the group we explore technology to the fullest, aside Whatsapp we upload PDF notes where needed, Voice Note (VN) to explain stuffs, Videos and Conference Class in Google Meet and Facebook Work Place. There is also occasional FREE online test which is computer based test (CBT) on our practice website ( to help prepare you for the task ahead since virtually all Postgraduate entrance exam is now Computer based.

Would The Tutorial Be Live or How?                         

Yes, but you do not need to fret as classes are about 3 times in a week and it is usually in the evenings like 8 pm as it is assumed everyone should be back from work then and if you are not you can always read all what we did when you are home or during break at work the following day. We ensure two classes are on weekdays and the last class for the week is Saturday morning or afternoon leaving Sunday for you to plan your new week. However, the last two weeks to exam is daily (blow by blow) and sometimes we selectively hold physical classes for some programmes on the last weekend before the exam where required.

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What Other Benefit(s) Do I Stand To Gain?             

This includes sure success tips, advice on choice of programme or mode, free support to get admitted, advice and assistance on your registration to save you avoidable stress. We also share updates as they drop on exam, result and dates of screening after results as well as other sundry useful benefits.


How Long Would The Class Be and Is There Any Provision For My Programme?                                     

It would be from now all the way to the eve of the qualifying exam and success is assured. Of course there is provision for virtually all programmes enlisted. This is the reason why we ask you to chat us first on: 0803 260 7603 to know this and we shall respond promptly to enable you early decision.

How Much is The Online Tutorial                           

Except for special courses like LLM, MPH or MSc.PH, for the first month total fee is #7000 which includes tuition and our own compiled past questions and other key materials while subsequent month would be #4,000 monthly all the way till eve of exam. Candidates should endeavour to chat us first on: 0803 260 7603 to know this and other information regarding their course online classes and we shall respond promptly before they go ahead to make any payment. All payments should be made to:

VERYMETRIK SOLUTIONS                                        0164335470                                                                    GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC.

After payment send proof of payment/transfer and the course applied to via Whatsapp to: 0803 260 7603. This would enable us to add you to the appropriate learning group.

Below are excerpts of some of our 2019 testimonies after result came out yours must be here this year God helping you and us








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