How Not To Miss Unilag Admission Narrowly

How Not To Miss Unilag Admission Narrowly


Why You May Miss Unilag Admission Narrowly

This post responds to questions from thousands of candidates on why they find it difficult to gain admission to the University of first choice and the nation’s pride. They have always asked how not to miss Unilag admission narrowly.

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Last year so many candidates went to sleep after scoring high like 280, 297 and the likes in UTME as well as fair Post UTME scores. They thought Unilag admission was already a done deal. Behold they missed out on the admission and they were back to pick UTME form again this year. This is because almost does not kill a bird, you either hit target and kill the bird or miss it.

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Although the last admission exercise was a new learning curve for all stakeholders in all universities nationwide, some lessons were learnt from the exercise. Itemised below are those lessons which may be small but mighty in your admission pursuit.

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  • Candidates should ensure they are updated about Unilag admission exercise information else they would have concluded exercise before s/he knows. S/he should subscribe to responsible and reliable blogs like this blog or have someone reliable in the school to always update you.
  • Ensure you update/reupload your O’level results (where necessary) before portal closes. in the absence of this you would score zero in O’Level weight or your O level weight would be based on the O’level you upload.
  • Put forward your best O’level result for screening. Ensure you upload before it closes. For instance if you have 5 compulsory O’level result that has C4, C5, C6, B3 and C6 and you were awaiting another one and was released before Jamb and Unilag deadline where you have B2, B2, A1, B2 and A1. It wont work for you if you dont upload online.
  • Since you can easily lay your hands on Unilag admission aggregate points calculation in the previous year; you can calculate your points in UTME and O’levels ahead remaining only Post UTME in the aggregate. This would help you to prepare very well because you can use it to gauge how well you have to prepare to meet up with merit/catchment cut off which is always far surer than supplementary admission. Infact I recommend you prepare to score everything so that no matter what new approach (if any) used this year you would be selected.
  • Despite writing Post UTME dont go and sleep, always be in touch with the school.
  • Should any staff offer to help recommend you do not hesitate to oblige the person your document but ensure you open your eyes very well else you are on your own especially if you have to “pay”.
  • Ensure you prepare for Post UTME strategically. This is an admission selection process and your final admission aggregate would be based on addition of UTME, O’levels and PostUTME points.                                                                                One beautiful thing about Unilag is that premium is placed on merit for first list so if you meet up with it you wont be shortchanged. You need not know anybody to be admitted in this list. If you follow this instruction to the letter and with God on your side your admission is guaranteed come this session.   See you in Unilag!
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