Why is JAMB Nigeria withholding so many results?

Why is JAMB Nigeria withholding so many results?


Over 100 thousand people are sitting with bated breath because their examination results have been withheld. Why did that happen? Once again, the answer came from Fabian Benjamin who cleared the air on the subject in his statement, as seen on Premium Times.

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Benjamin said that the candidates whose results were being withheld were suspects in cheating and other examination malpractices. In some cases, the issue stemmed from the CBT centres, which was why the results of everyone in those centres had to be withheld.

In many cases, however, participants themselves were at fault. Some tried to bring their phones and study materials into the examination centres, while others went as far as trying to change their computers’ IP addresses.

Thanks to the CCTV systems in place, these rule breakers were caught on camera. All who were caught cheating in one way or another are currently under investigation and will be punished if found guilty.


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