How Fresh Unilag 2017/18 Postgraduate Students Can Register Easily

How Fresh Unilag 2017/18 Postgraduate Students Can Register Easily


Due to popular request of freshly admitted Postgraduate students that they can generate fees or the pdf document obtained is empty I have decided to show how to carry out 2017/18 PG Registration step by step as below. We assume you are just starting afresh after confirming you are recommended.

To print your admission letter and the likes visit:

Insert your application number (the number on your application form printout when obtained entrance, completed and printed this form online or exam pass used for entrance examination) on this interface “Matric No/Application No” and your surname in small letter in “Password” and press enter on your pc, laptop or  device.

You will be required to change your password to enable you continue. Use password you can easily remember and avoid using any of your names. An alphanumeric password is recommended. That done you are allowed into the portal then you would see some icons on the left click update biodata and update your information and submit.

Click dashboard from the left icons again and click “admission” letter to download and print.

To print your payment advice for fees follow the procedure below:

Please note: If you want to pay instalmentally (confirm if you can or your department allows) click on “installment payment” links on the left side of your portal and now continue with the step below but if you want to pay one-off just follow the procedure below straight. Be informed that in instalmental payment you pay in two tranches with about #11,500 extra in sum.

Step 1: First generate fees by going to dashboard and clicking “Generate/Regenerate Fees”, choose 2017/2018 and submit as shown in the shot below:

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On submitting it would show “1 fee generated”

Step 2:  After step 1 above proceed to print the payment advice by Clicking “Generate Payment Advice” and follow with the shot below choosing this session (2017/18) and clicking “Generate Payment Advice beside it as shown below:

It is noteworthy here to state here that students were getting empty Pdf files here because they did not choose the session of course it would return empty pdf document.

Step 3: Download your payment advice easy peasy as shown below in the shot below and print. Ensure it has Remita (RRR Unique No.) else its not acceptable.

Proceed to make payment online or in bank. I advice to pay in Ecobank, GT, Wema or First Bank in Unilag Main Campus or any bank in Medilag, Idi-Araba for MPH, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the likes. I advice you follow this route making online payment for the fees last resort because it makes it easy in case you have complaints…my 2 kobo anyway.

Proceed to your portal to fill acceptance form and print for screening and get your courses from department, register and submit and get down to serious study.

If you have any issue on this contact Unilag PG School or if you were a  member “Sure Success” PG Preparatory Class contact us with your complaint we would see how to assist.

Thanks for your time and hope the post helps.


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