Unilag 2017/2018 Postgraduate Entrance Examination Result Update

Unilag 2017/2018 Postgraduate Entrance Examination Result Update


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You would agree with me that all applicants who took the 2017/18 Unilag School of Postgraduate entrance examination are all eagerly awaiting the result. Anyway, I haveĀ  good news for you. A memo has gone out to Postgraduate School Coordinators of all Faculties to tidy up the results and put it forward for publishing online in a week or two from now. As a matter fact, I can tell you authoritatively that only Faculty of Environmental Science result is ready for now and can be checked albeit unofficially. Therefore applicants who applied for MSc. Estate Management, Masters in Quantity Surveying, Building, Facilities Management and Project Management can reach out to the Faculty to check ahead of official release and take decision(s) where need be.

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