Unilag 2017 UTME Admission Points Calculation

Unilag 2017 UTME Admission Points Calculation


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Unilag Post UTME Screening 2017

The aim of this post is to help unravel the truth behind Unilag points calculation for admission this year. This approved method would help you to speak confidently as well as plan very well so that you can know how to study more to achieve attain set targets (your weakness and strength).

Do not offer money to any jobber that asking for money, recharge card or what have you to help you calculate your points you can do it yourself its easy peasy just follow me in this post.

While other Universities can tinker a bit with their own, the Central admission committee has approved the following weights for Unilag come 2017 admission exercise for UTME Candidates for more details click here:

                                      Examination                Approved Weight

UTME Scores                          50%

Post-UTME Test Scores           30%

O’Level Result                         20%

     Total                                  100%

The approved points for 5 relevant O’Level subjects include:

Grade                                 Point

A1                =                     4.0

B2                =                     3.6

B3                =                     3.2

C4                =                     2.8

C5                =                     2.4

C6                =                     2.0

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Example of How To Calculate Your Aggregate Points

For example if Layo scored 256 in UTME and has 31 in Post UTME with the following O’ level results in 5 relevant subjects: Physics – C4, Chemistry – C5, Biology – B3, Mathematics – C4 and English – C6 and she intends to study medicine in Medilag (Unilag College of Medicine). Below is her overall points using the above metrics.

Recall from Unilag Publication attached above that overall aggregate                      = UTME + Post UTME + O’Level points contributions

       UTME Contribution      =  256/400 x 50     =   32

   Post UTME Contribution      =  31/40 x 30         =  23.25

(This is based on assumption that Postt-UTME would be 40 questions in 30 minutes in all but it could be less or more just apply appropriately using this approach)

    O’Levels Contribution

Physics        –     C4        =    2.8

Chemistry    –     C5        =    2.4

Biology        –     B3        =    3.2

Mathematics –     C4        =    2.8

English        –     C6        =    2.0

Total                             =     13.2

So her overall aggregate point = 32 + 23.25 + 13.2 = 68.45

A major advantage of this calculation is that it would also help you to estimate your weakness so that you can work extra hard in the Post UTME to score high and get your choice course by merit.

As regards Layo in question, i would advice her to change course to brighten her chance my 2 Kobo though.She may also have to change school to brighten her chance(s).

Note: Do not pay any one again here is it FREE of CHARGE, please be informed that any other information either affirms this or misleading, you guys should run away from such people because if I do not have fact I would rather not post rather than mislead with false, naysay or half truth so this information is authoritative and you can plan with it.

All the best!

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