Unilag Postgraduate Form 2017: How To Obtain, Make Payment & Complete Form...

Unilag Postgraduate Form 2017: How To Obtain, Make Payment & Complete Form Yourself Easily


Unilag Postgraduate Form 2017 Walkthrough Series (II) (The Key)

You would agree with me that Unilag Postgraduate form 2017 is long overdue. Thank goodness it’s out now and we have to make the best use of it. In order for you not to stress yourself, we avail you the second part of the popular Unilag Postgraduate Admission Walkthrough Series (II) (the key). You cannot afford to miss the earlier part so spare just one second CLICKING HERE and HERE for them.

Without much ado, the procedure below would help you pay for your Unilag Postgraduate form 2017 from anywhere and anytime you choose from your devices easy peasy! There is no need stressing yourself coming to Unilag or paying anyone. In your spare time, with good internet connection, follow the procedure below and you are good to go!

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Step 1: Establish if the PG Programme you intend to pursue is available and if you are qualified by Clicking HERE

Step 2: Visit: applications.unilag.edu.ng and click start a fresh applications

Step 3: Complete the Pre-Application with your details then submit to obtain a reference number. Write it somewhere.

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Step 4: Close it and revisit the page again: applications.unilag.edu.ng click: Pay Application Fee Online(Remita) and supply the reference number copied earlier. Then, supply all necessary information and form fees would be debited with charges from your Card. You can then continue registration from there or you can log out afterwards;

Step 6: Revisit applications.unilag.edu.ng  and click “continue application”

***Ensure you scan your pictures and other document with scanner. Do not use phone or tablet as this may make it way too heavy (mb) as against (kbs) required. Chances are this might lead to stress while uploading. But if you have the right App on your device you are cool. Just ensure you resize to slightly below the required size.

Step 7: Complete form and print two copies on completion and bring to Examination Hall allocated to your prospective department when it is time for qualifying examination as notified by PG School.

There is no need coming to Unilag for anything except qualifying exam and we would keep updating you.  I would advice you  start preparations ahead for the qualifying exam.

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  1. Yes you can but PGD Economics is what you can apply for first and then proceed to apply to MSc. Economics after the programme provided you make the required GPA for MSc. Economics. Hope this helps?