Unilag Admission Lead Subscription by Mail Step by Step

Unilag Admission Lead Subscription by Mail Step by Step



I’m Sure Solomon your friend, team leader and publisher of this blog. Our main objective is to keep you abreast of authentic admission information¬† in Unilag and other relevant institutions at all levels FREE. Aside from the blog posts which you log onto at will, you may also get the posts automatically delivered to your mail by simply following the simple procedure below:

Step 1: Insert your primary e-mail address in the box down this page just below the caption “Get Free Blog Post Updates!” as seen below. Please note that your primary e-mail address is the most important and most often used e-mail address which some people often link to all their devices

Step 2: Click the link below the box with caption “Sign Me Up”

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Step 3: Rush straight to your mailbox immediately, login and click “Confirm Follow” to complete your subscription. In case you login to your mailbox and fail to see the mail check your spam mail or search your mail for “Unilag Admission Lead Subscription”, open the topmost result that carries Unilag Admission Lead and click on “Confirm Follow” on the result and close the tab titled “Subscription Management” which may come up afterwards it means you have subscribed already and you can get our update by notification via mail the moment we post on this blog. However, if you could not succeed check your internet and repeat the procedure again.

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