JAMB UTME & DE 2017 Candidates Ask Your Admission Questions

JAMB UTME & DE 2017 Candidates Ask Your Admission Questions


JAMB UTME & DE 2017 Candidates Ask Your Admission QuestionsJAMB UTME and DE 2017 Candidates ask your admission questions, UTME results, change of course and the likes and get quality clarifications below

This post is strictly for UTME and DE 2017 Candidates. Candidates who have issue(s) concerning UTME results’ release, low UTME scores and intend to change to schools to where they think their chances of admission are bright would find this post useful.  Candidates awaiting O’level results or Direct Entry Candidate who needs some clarification(s) would also find the post to be of great benefit.

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However, they should not only be those who chose Unilag but other institutions nationwide. All these candidates should drop their question(s) in the comment section below. There are experienced experts in the University system to  provide answer(s) to all questions real time. This would enable timely decision(s) to be taken by candidates and their parents or guardians. Candidates should ensure they invite friends and foes to turn in their questions while answers are provided FREE of charge. It would help candidates to take informed decision(s). There would be answers on a daily basis from 6pm prompt.



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  1. Keep hope alive and praying Jamb would release it soonest long as there was no irregularity in your centre particularly your batch. They now watch CCTV footage before releasing result(s) especially where there is reservation or report. On your second question I take exception to “cheap University” as used in this context I guess you wanted to say Universities you can be admitted with fairly low UTME scores yet has quality. In that wise I would advise you to consider OOU (Ago Iwoye), Osun State University, Lautech Ogbomoso(but for strike?) and a host of private Universities around in Southwest here.
    Hope this helps.

  2. 247 is not a bad score but you would have to add Jamb points allotted to this to your O’levels then you can then assess your chance. In case you have average O’levels (i.e just 5 Cs), you may want to to consider changing to Social Works to brighten your chance in Unilag here but if you are fat in O’levels (As and Bs) you might leave the Sociology as it is. This is just my candid opinion based on experience.
    Hope we’v put a smile on your face?

  3. I believe you have taken a wise decision. For starters, 275 is not a child’s play but then studying medicine in Unilag is no joke either given the huge number of applications nationwide. With 275 your chance is fairly bright for admission into Unilag and other top schools in Southwest here. Mark you, your admission is still subject to your O’level performance and you must have As and Bs in your O levels without any issue(s) of withholding or what have you because according to JAMB it must be uploaded on your profile on or before August and with the one you said you already have I’m afraid for Unilag. You might also consider other schools like OOU, Babcock (if your parents can afford it), Ondo State Medical University and the likes. I believe with your existing O levels and UTME scores your admission should be a stroll in the pack in there.
    Hope you have more insight to take informed decision(s) now?
    All the best.

  4. 224 is ok but paramedical courses are often competitive. Hope you know that the quality of your O’ level too counts as this is aggregated together. You may consider changing to Biochemistry or Microbiology to brighten your chance if you are afraid.

  5. Nowadays, two sittings are not the norm but some schools still accept it. Check out schools like OOU, Osun State Uni. and the likes they accept it.
    Hope this helps.