Unilag Postgraduate Admission Walk Through Series (Part I)

Unilag Postgraduate Admission Walk Through Series (Part I)


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Unilag Postgraduate Admission Walk Through Series

Let me start this Unilag Postgraduate (PG) admission walk through series by congratulating whoever is reading this right now. I believe you intend to pursue your¬†Postgraduate programme in Unilag in 2017/2018 session or in any other University hence you are here. I bet this is one of the best decisions you would ever take on your academic advancement as it’s a right step towards fulfilling that goal. Before I continue, may I pause to ask why you took this decision. No matter your reason(s) be it career advancement, personal development or fulfillment, to be a consultant or plan B or C to lecture someday, the decision is a worthwhile one as progress they say, is the mode of man (anon). Click here to get your Sure Success Unilag Postgraduate Past Questions, Solutions & other Quality preparatory materials

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Before you make up your mind for any postgraduate study here in Unilag or somewhere else, I advise you do a serious soul searching. If I may ask, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now? As a Consultant, Researcher, rising to top echelon on your job, retired and trying to give knowledge back to society or switching job/industry or what have you; all or some of these highlights would help in taking your decision. For instance, if you have a 9-5 job, have no job at all or you may even be fresh from youth service and you hope to be a researcher someday your big picture should be Ph.D; MSc. is just a mean to an end not an end itself and a target of distinction in your MSc. would not be a bad idea else you may have to do MPhil to advance to doctoral study level. Perhaps, you may want to be a Consultant, seasoned Manager or Administrator an MBA or MPIA or any other professional masters degree would be apt in combo with a top notch Professional Qualification i.e ICAN, CISA, NIS etc (I will tell you the edge this has in your application in later parts of the series as it progresses). Please note that the professional degree terminates there that is, you cannot proceed to study for Ph.D with this. Even if you have HND in your first degree with at least Credit grade you are still good to go for any of these Professional Masters (except otherwise stated by your would-be department) so long as you excel in Unilag PG Qualifying/Entrance Examination. This qualification could also serve as Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) in some faculties like Business Administration where they do not run PgD and they accept this. In other words, you can proceed to do your MSc. proper with MBA or any acceptable Professional Masters degree depending on policy of your intending faculty.

In sum, this walk through series would be divided into four parts namely: your PG programme course decision (part I) which is highlighted here,¬† form completion (part II), preparation for qualifying exam (part III) and post admission stage (part IV) which entails screening, settling down and even tutorials in any area of weakness in course(s) taken. Ensure you don’t miss any part for full understanding. As our name implies, we would ensure we lead you all the way to Unilag as God helps us. Just watch out for part II by keeping in touch with the blog. Don’t be selfish, share this info with friends and foes who may need it who knows you may be helping a fellow by sharing online and offline.

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  1. Nice post pls keep informing us bro. Pls when do you think the PG form would be on sale and how do I prepare as I intend to apply for MBA executive. I d look forward to your response. Many tks.

    • Thanks. Unilag PG form should be out later in May and I would update you as soon as it drops HOT and FRESH. As for preparatory materials they would be ready next week we are updating and adding new stuffs based on development last year where 100% reliability on past questions failed people in MSC Mgt., MBA and others no old order was followed.

  2. The Unilag PG form/application should be out later in this month (May). We have quality materials with good solutions and other relevant compilations in case they change questions. Just subscribe keep in touch with the blog.

  3. The PG form would be out later in May. I would share success tips from from completion to exam proper. By God’s grace you’d succeed this year just follow the series. Cheers.