Unilag 2017/2018 Postgraduate Admission Key

Unilag 2017/2018 Postgraduate Admission Key


Unilag 2017/2018 Postgraduate Admission Key

(Proven,Tested & Result-Oriented)

Hold it! are you or yours planning to apply for Unilag Postgraduate (PG) or any University PG in 2017? Do you want to just join the number that purchase form or make value out of your hard-earned money? The decision is all up to you but just before you fill that PG form, do you know that thousands of people apply every year but only few, i mean very few are admitted for want of space or success/failure in the *Unilag postgraduate qualifying/entrance examination? Join me in the UNILAG POSTGRADUATE (PG) ADMISSION WALK THROUGH SERIES starting tomorrow (30th of April); let me hold you in the hand and walk you through step-by-step (poco a poco) on how to apply for and be admitted EASILY in Unilag PG Qualifying Examination (and any other School’s). It even extends to how to excel in the programme after admission. Just keep a date with us here. We promise to offer you the ultimate Unilag 2017/2018 postgraduate admission key.

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* Unilag Postgraduate Qualifying/Entrance Examination: This is an entrance examination conducted by the University of Lagos for applicants who intend to enlist for Postgraduate study in the University. It is carried out through her School of Postgraduate Study to select the best out out of all applicants that apply for admission in any of the numerous courses across the various departments and faculties. The aimĀ  is to select the best crop of applicants who can withstand the academic rigour associated with PG studies. The examinations often vary across different departments and faculties. Much as there is no stereotyped mode of questions, the method applicable each year is often determined by the PG Coordinator of each department/faculties based on conclusion(s) reached by other members of PG Qualifying Examination Committee of individual Department. To enhance quality and speed, the format has been mainly Computer Based in the last few years except for a few departments who still settle for pen and paper (traditional) format because there are only sizeable applicants.

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