UTME 2017 Compulsory Books

UTME 2017 Compulsory Books

All UTME 2017 Candidates would agree that there are recommended novels for the examination. This  policy was adopted by JAMB few years ago and this year would not be an exception. I am not talking about the literature in English (or other Languages) recommended for candidates taking literature in English or other Languages; this cuts across all applicants be it Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Arts, Business Administration or what have you.
This year 2017, “In Dependence” by Sarah Ladipo Manyika has been recommended for UTME Candidates while “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H Mohammed has been recommended for Direct Entry Candidates. Below are the summaries of the books:

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1. In Dependence
The book is a romantic one. Beyond this, it describes the evolution of Nigerian Republic through independence to Biafra and Post-Biafra Nigeria from 1970. It also described the various coup de tat, unfocused and unprepared leadership as well as  its various attempts at establishing democracy in the polity. Further, it brought to fore the downward trend in international image of Nigeria and the deviation away from the vision of founding fathers. Tayo’s life mirrored bad governance and leadership without focus. It also related this to the loss of valuable mental and material assets to developed countries. The author approached this objectively by traveling across three continents namely, America,  Europe and Africa. These continents made the setting of the story. In all, the story has a wide and thorough scope.


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2. The Last Days at Forcados High School
The book is a realistic one which addresses everyday struggle that adolescents go through as they grow. The problems include that of acceptance from peers and family members, hearsays, naysays and outdoing one another to mention a few. Nene and Ansa had determined their final year in school was going to be the best given their plans and preparations. Jimi and his ever troublesome brother could not be wished away. Efua, the epitome of beauty who had no time for boys but lowered her guard to care for Jimi when it mattered most in his life. She was to be wrongly accused of being a lesbian with her supposed partner being a Youth Corper posted to the school. In winding down the write up, the truth was later revealed.
All told, A.H. Mohammed tried to unravel life’s issues using self-discovery and endurance not forgetting its ups and downs.
Meanwhile be informed that JAMB CBT examination format has now changed. Authoritative source from Jamb revealed that 2017 JAMB CBT exam would be a total of 180 questions to be answered within 2 hours. Use of English which is subject 1 would be 60 questions, while your other subjects 2, 3 and 4 will have 40 questions each. You are expectected to answer all these questions in maximum of 2 hours.
By this new format,  the exam may not be easier than what it used to be only that it would be faster.


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  1. No, you don’t need to drop anyone. This is because there’s nothing like that thus far from Jamb. To further allay you fear I would say you would not be disqualified once you have the required O’level Papers. Cheers.

  2. Hi Bro, it would still be released provided there was no issue of irregularity in your hall and centre on the exam day. This is because they (Jamb) now watch CCTV footage of each centre before releasing result(s).