Unilag Students’ Examination Dockets

Unilag Students’ Examination Dockets


Unilag Students Examination Docket can now be printed for first semester 2016/2017. This is available on the school site. Here is a step by step approach for printing as shown in the subheading below.


How to Print Unilag Students Examination Docket Step by Step:


Step 1:  Visit the Unilag student’s login page here


Step 2: Login with your matriculation number as username and appropriate password


Step 3: Click on “print docket” but before you finally download the examination docket be assured you have registered all your courses. This is required so you would not need to add or delete. It would no longer be possible once you click “print docket” and you accept it should go ahead and be downloaded.


Step 4: Download the docket in Pdf form by clicking on the downloaded document. This should give a solid blue arrow by the top right hand corner if it is a Mozilla browser and other download features if it is other browsers.

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Step 5:  Print the main docket in the front (in colour) and other examination instructions (in black) at the back. Do not forget to sign it with your Course Adviser before laminating if you must.


If you consider this very stressful you can check out good cybercafes on campus and they would get it done for you. I recommend a trusted cafe for you like: T-World Resources, Shop 5, Jaja Shopping Complex, directly opposite Jaja Hall. There, they have quality internet, print out and  back up power in case of power outage so no story just breeze in and breeze out easy peasy!


Lastly, do not forget the rules guiding the examination like no cheating, no copying of texts or notes into the hall and no communication of any type. You are expected to be in the examination hall early with no use of phone or any gadget whatsoever. All of these carry different punishments ranging from two semesters to outright dismissal. To succeed in the examination however, it is very important to abide by these rules.


Hope this helps.

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