UTME 2017 and Its Alternatives

UTME 2017 and Its Alternatives


UTME 2017 and Its Alternatives

As the saying goes, you do not put all your eggs in one basket so UTME 2017 and its alternatives is a necessity for all  students who do not want to waste any year at home again. This post is all about that. I don’t need to tell you that as a prospective undergraduate that Jamb’s UTME is no longer a stroll in the park; infact it is becoming unpredictably competitive every year with stoppage of Post-UTME due educational policy change carried out by the Ministry of Education. This has resulted in rating of O’levels and aggregating it with UTME Scores. This means you must have a very good result in your O’Levels as well as UTME. Note that your O’Levels constitute 40% of the whole 100% is now rated thus in Unilag and other Universities nationwide and is calculated like this:

A1  =  8 %, B2 = 7%, B3 = 6%, C4 = 5%,  C5 = 4% & C6 = 3%
So 5 A1s gives you 40% already while 5 B2s fetch you 35% already you can calculate the rest yourself.
Also, your UTME Scores which constitutes 60% of the whole 100% is graded as follow:
180-189 = 10%, 190-199 = 20%, 200-209 = 30%,
210-219 = 40%, 220-229 = 50%, 230 & Above = 60%
Source: Jamb Release

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As a prospective candidate, you are advised to throw your net wide open so that you can have more options. You may as well obtain the Unilag Foundation Form to increase your chance of being admitted in 2017. The Unilag Foundation programme is so designed that at the end of the programme you would write JUPEB Exams. It is an eight months programme that would qualify you for 200 levels in all departments. Please note that it is not automatic, it is subject to your beating cut off points (some people score zero) but the beauty is that once you score more than 7 in JUPEB your chance is bright at least if not in Unilag, in another University nationwide and in some selected foreign schools like University of Hertfordshire, University of Lancashire and others in UK, China and India who are in partnership with Unilag to accept her foundation products into 200 level over there.

The 2017/2018 Unilag Foundation Programme application form will be on sale from around May this year. You are advised to start planning now. Of course Applicants would write entrance examinations and there would be short list of candidates (not everyone would be admitted). Generally, aside from Medicine, Pharmacy, other paramedicals as well as Law and Mass Communication (sometimes); with a score of 45 and above you are good for admission for your intending course of study.

To know more about the foundation Programme, keep in touch with this blog.

In sum, you may also consider obtaining IJMB and GCE A levels so that with you so many roads lead to success you can not afford to stay at home in 2017!

This is your year to advance academically (Amen).

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  1. Nursing in Unilag is as competitive as other Medilag (Unilag Medical School) courses; a score of 225 is not bad but with 1B and 4Cs it seems average if they are going to aggregate like last year or use a similar approach. From your e-mail addy you will likely be from the west which means catchment window may help to an extent. Let’s see what happens while you are advised to keep an eye on other schools’ aggregate cut off points, change of course and screening date. All the best.